Okay, so, you’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been and what on earth I’ve been up to – the truth is, absolutely nothing worth writing home about. I left my job and went to Suffolk in pursuit of an easy life living with my boyfriend instead of being 200 miles apart, which ended in me crying because my uniform was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen and because I found living with 3 humans, 1 spaniel and 4 chihuahuas way too intense.

Needless to say, I’m now back home and so unemployed it hurts.

So, my catch here, is being 21 years old, having spent thousands of pounds on a university degree and not being able to find a job that doesn’t suck the soul out of my brain like a demonic dyson. WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER 21 YEAR OLDS? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HOW ARE YOU COPING? WHAT IS GOING ON? ARE YOU ALRIGHT?

I have a car to sell, a van to insure, tax & MOT and that’s before I’ve even thought about the diesel. Guys, I need a job.

But then, on the other hand, if I was to find my dream job, it would restrict me in the sense that I’d have to keep a short leash on The Van Plan, which involves me packing my life up and driving across Europe to hopefully settle for a while in Greece. Which is my dream – and in this world it seems that people who push their dreams to one side in pursuit of money end up the most bitter at the end of it all.

And so here I am, in pursuit of adventure on four wheels with the desire to tell the world about it – would it be so crazy to think I could get paid for doing so?