Dear Mum & Dad, 

Happy 28th Anniversary!

Getting older, spending more time away from you and the current events in the world lately have provoked some thought about the both of you and what you have done for me in the last 21 years. 

The more people I meet, the more places I see, the more stories I hear – the more grateful I am of all you have done for me. There’s no doubt, I have tested you, sometimes to your limits. I have disobeyed you, I have gone against your words of advice and I have learned some valuable lessons from these rare occurrences. 

The older I become, the more I see how selfless you have had to be in order to enable me to have a fantastic life; and to build a solid platform for me to launch myself off, into the real world, reaching for the stars. The more time I spend working, dwelling on disappointments and letting myself get down about things – the more I try to remind myself how lucky I am because of you both. 

The reason I write this to you both on your anniversary is because of what you have both done for me and Amy – you were both once individuals with dreams of your own; and it is becoming more apparent to me that you set aside a lot of those dreams to become parents, which a lot of people do; but what you have both done is remain a family; a solid, loving unit for me to return to no matter how old, disobedient or well travelled I become. 

There are little things in life you learn to appreciate – like a fridge that is always stocked, a bed that is always warm, an ear that is always willing and a door that is always open. You both have provided me with these and so much more, you have instilled in me a desire to travel, no doubt stemming from the years of adventures you have taken us both on. You have taught us to be kind, well mannered, punctual and thoughtful; all invaluable attributes that are not easily learned. 

Mum & Dad, you might think I sometimes don’t appreciate things, that my head is in the clouds, or that I’m only concerned with my next destination instead of where I am in the moment – and while this may be true a lot of the time, please please remember that wherever I go, whoever I meet, whatever I do – I’m your daughter, with your traits, your thoughts, and I’ll always be thankful for that.  

I love you