Welcome to my brand, spanking, shiny new blog, where I plan to share with you my many adventures, travel tips, experiences, and undoubtedly the odd rant.

In answer to your question – the name of this blog comes from one of my favourite songs, ‘Witchy Woman’ by the Eagles, and the particular line is ‘she’s a restless spirit on an endless flight’, which sums up my mission in life perfectly. I’m all about adventure, and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are too. I have recently graduated from a two-year law degree at university and I have a dream to spend my life writing, creating and you got it, travelling.

I’m about to head off on a ski season to the French Alps for 6 months and I’d like you all to join me, of course the logistics of doing this physically aren’t quite manageable so you’ll have to make do with reading all about it. (Sorry).

I am also in the process of converting a 2005 Volkswagen transporter into a campervan so that I can spend next summer touring Europe, writing my first novel and finding out what life is really like on the road.

I hope you’ll enjoy this little journey of mine, I hope¬†you might keep reading – and I hope it might even inspire you to embark on an adventure of your own.